M.Sc. Eng. Christopher Shneider Cerqueira
Ph.D. Student at INPE

Mixing Realities

Augmented and Cross Reality Researcher

Meta Description: Bluesman, programmer, guitar player, human-interface researcher, life-time student, geek, user experience developer, motorcycle rider, song writer, computer engineer... 

What I research and/or use: Augmented Reality, Cross Reality, Tangible Interfaces, Embedded System, ARToolKit, PTAMM, Kinect, openFrameworks, Simulation, Space Systems, System Engineering, Model Based System Engineering, Concurrent Engineering and Object-Process Methodology (OPM).


Academic bio

2014 - now - Ph.D. Candidate at INPE (National Institute for Space Research) - Space System Engineering and Management - Cross Reality Environment to Satellite System Concept Definiton  

2012 - 2014 - M.Sc. at INPE (National Institute for Space Research) - Space System Engineering and Management - Virtual Reality Techniques applied to Interface Navegation into Operational Simulators.  

2011 - Augmented Reality Developer at UNIFEI (Federal University of Itajubá) - Developed infrastructure software to implement scripted behaviour into Augmented and Cross Reality Applications  

2005 - 2010 - Computer Engineer Bachelor at UNIFEI (Federal University of Itajubá) - Test of natural and artificial techniques to Augmented Reality (ARToolKit and PTAMM)  

1998 - 2003 - Industrial Computing Technician at ETEP - Embedded Microcontrolled System to Select Objects by Color

Interaction Design

Virtual, Augmented and Cross Reality

"Cross-reality involves a ubiquitous mixed reality environment that comes from the fusion of a network of sensors and actuators (which collects and sends data related to the real world) with shared virtual worlds, using an augmented reality interface, where the exchange of information is bidirectional between the real and the virtual world." [ Using Augmented Reality Cognitive Artifacts in Education and Virtual Rehabilitation]

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