Complex Aerospace and related systems consist of thousands of engineering decisions that are presented for fulfilling the stakeholders’ needs. In order to create systems, it is necessary to engage in “system thinking”, where “system thinking looks at relationships (rather than unrelated objects), connectedness, process (rather than structure), the whole (rather than just its parts), the patterns (rather than the contents) of a system and context” (R. Ackoff with H. Addison and A. Carey, Systems Thinking for Curious Managers, Triarchy Press, 2010).

Full Courses (undergraduated / graduated)

Teaching Philosophy

A teacher is not a giver of knowledge, nor a facilitator, but rather a guide for the students. As a guide, it is our responsibility to reach the students’ needs, and find the best problems, and alternatives of presentation/material that can contribute to clarify key points to give a tiny help, so the students can thrive.

A goal of education is to assist growth toward greater complexity and integration and to assist in the process of self-organization - to modify individuals capacity to modify themselves” 

Reuven Feuerstein

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