Under-Grad (Graduação)

PRJ-32 - Design and Construction of Aerospace Systems (Projeto e Construção de Sistemas Aeroespaciais)

SIS-08 - Integration and Tests of Spacecrafts (Integração e Testes de Veículos Espaciais)

SIS-20 - Ground Systems

Grad (Pós-Graduação)

TE-265 Model Based System Engineering (Engenharia de Sistemas baseada em Modelos)

Teaching Philosophy

A teacher is not a giver of knowledge, nor a facilitator, but rather a guide for the students. As a guide, it is our responsibility to reach the students’ needs, and find the best problems, and alternatives of presentation/material that can contribute to clarify key points to give a tiny help, so the students can thrive.

A goal of education is to assist growth toward greater complexity and integration and to assist in the process of self-organization - to modify individuals capacity to modify themselves” 

Reuven Feuerstein
Source: https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/flipped-classroom

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